The Invisible Artist-NilesPHOTOMAGIC DESIGNS is a company attuned to the world of musicians and artists and highly sensitive to their particular needs.

LISA HAYDEN-MILLER is the creator/designer behind PHOTOMAGIC DESIGNS.   Born into a Hollywood family of artists, musicians and writers, Lisa has been a singer, guitarist and songwriter, lived in England and Spain before returning to live in her native America.  She studied at Cordon Bleu, has written two gourmet cookbooks, FONDUE WITH FRIENDS and GALLEY GURU.  She has written a musical stage play. Her brother is world-class record producer and arranger/composer and radio presenter DR. RICHARD NILES.

PHOTOMAGIC DESIGNS offers branding and advertising for musical and media artists.  We create the images that define your Image.


The clue is in the name. We make your photos magical. We make ‘beyond your wildest dreams’ visual. Whatever you imagine. We start where photography ends.

Photo Restoration – Do you have old photos in a drawer,of friends, family and special events taken before the digital age? We can make them look as if they were taken yesterday. We can repair and colorize damaged photos. But we don’t just retouch pictures – we restore memories and feelings.

Digital Imaging– We can take your photos from a smart phone or a digital SLR and make them look like they were taken by a Vogue photographer – or Andy Warhol – or Salvador Dali. We create images for business or pleasure. The possibilities are endless. Your images can be transformed into posters, business cards, flyers or magazine ads.

Logo Creation & Branding – A strong brand becomes more important as the battle for customers intensifies. We make you stand out from the crowd. Our branding techniques are unique because we think way out of the conventional boxes. We give impact to your business by delivering your message clearly, connecting your target audience emotionally, motivating sales, communicating your values and confirming your credibility. Our images and logos can define the spirit of your product. If you are a musical artist we can visually represent your style and sound. Let our vision represent yours.