These are some examples of photo editing and restoration.

As you can see, the wedding photo (c1910) was extremely damaged and needed a great deal of drawing as well as re-colouring to bring the photo to life.

This wedding photo from 1910 needed a great deal of redrawing to restore.



A nice snapshot taken offstage…

Become a fun and colorful poster…

Richard Niles and Friends Poster

Richard Niles and Friends Poster


Jesse L. Lasky was one of the great pioneers of the Hollywood film industry  … and founder of Paramount Studios.

Here is the original photo I was given to restore.  It is circa 1900.  Jesse was a vaudevillian.  Here he is dressed in a Rough Rider costume.

Jesse L. Lasky - Before Picture

Jesse Lasky – Hollywood’s founding father


There are many ways to restore a photo.  Very simply first.  Then you might want something more decorative.  The bright white light had to be removed from the shot.


Jesse L. Lasky – hand tinted restoration

Or this.

Or this.


Jesse L. Lasky

Jesse L. Lasky – Photo Restoration