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“Lisa is a magician.  I sent her some photos of me and my sax and not only did she conjure up a first class CD cover, website design and logo within just a few days, but she also developed an entire philosophy which helped me to establish a style and target my audience”
Ed Barker  www.edbarker.co.uk




Cathy Shostak Website… shostaksongs


The amazing Lisa Haydn-Miller has designed a site which completely ” total’s me up”.

She took the time to really care about me so she could present my work and ME
to the world. And I can tell you, that was no easy task.. (right, Lisa?!) Skyping and
emails AND making it even more stressful….I live in London and she’s in California!!

I am beyond thrilled with me website. Lisa is like a terrier, she will not stop until
everything is perfect. I love her for that, and I can’t wait to see who else will be
fortunate enough to have her fairy dust sprinkled all over them.

Thank you,thank you, thank you, Lisa xxx

Cathy Shostak

Cathy’s website is www.shostaksongs.com